Content Policy


Please read the following guidelines and rules before posting any content:

– Illegal substances, gambling, adult material, or other mature content.

– Spam, phony offers, free money, scripts that have been nulled, duplicate site URLs, or content.

– Copyrighted content, such as pictures, movies, or other stuff.

– A content title with fewer than 30 characters, more than 100 characters, or trash data.

Less than 250 characters, more than 2000 characters, or junk data in the content description

– More than 50 characters in the content tag or trash data.

– Content that is unauthorised, repetitious, overly posted, non-English, or untargeted.

– Makes viewers believe they will see something but actually takes them somewhere.

– Information that links to or advertises third-party websites or services that track views or subscriber activity.

– Posting several comments that are identical, irrelevant, or repetitive.

– Information intended to mislead participants about how much time, money, or other criteria they need to meet in order to participate in a census.

– Tricking users into thinking the material is something it is not by using a post title, thumbnail, description, or tags.

– Technically modified or doctored content (apart from clips taken out of context) that could seriously cause grievous harm to consumers.

– Content promoting “get rich quick” scams, pyramid schemes, or cash gifts (sending money without a tangible product in a pyramid structure).

– Uses the promise of quick money to attract clicks, views, or visitors to this website.

– Directs viewers to malicious websites, sites that try to collect personal information or websites that have other undesirable effects.

– Information intended to deceive voters concerning the date, location, method, or prerequisites for voting.

– Information that makes exaggerated claims about the formal qualifications for incumbent elected officials and current political hopefuls to hold office. Age, citizenship, and vital status are just a few of the eligibility criteria that are taken into account according to the relevant national law.

– Incorporates links to or otherwise encourages the use of outside services that artificially inflate metrics like views, likes, and subscribers

– Content that advertises on our site by selling views, likes, comments, or any other engagement metric. This also includes content whose only goal is to increase views, subscribers, or other metrics (such as “Sub4Sub” content, which is content that offers to subscribe to another creator’s channel solely in return for their subscribing to your channel).

– Comments that have the express intent of obtaining users’ personal information, deceiving users into leaving our website, or engaging in any of the banned actions listed above.

– Live streams that are meant to stream content that is the property of another person and that is left uncorrected after repeated warnings of potential abuse. The channel owner should actively watch live streams, and any possible problems should be promptly fixed.

This policy is applicable to any content used on this site, including posts, usernames, meta, tags, and comments. Please remember that this isn’t an exhaustive list.

Actions for Policy Violations:

– Account and user data will be deleted if any of the aforementioned rules are broken.

The review board may be asked to consider a complaint regarding a violation of this policy as a possible infringement of the code of ethics.

– If you think you did not explicitly consent to receive the confirmation email we sent to your inbox or if you suspect this website has sent you spam, please contact us so we can make the required changes.

– Violation of any policy may result in legal action being taken against you and immediate account deletion.

– If you still believe that your rightful content was mistakenly removed or is not visible, please contact us by giving your username, post title, description, and tags so that we can address the problem and make the necessary corrections.