Everything You Need to Know about Umbrella Cockatoos

In most species, males and females have comparable plumage. The gang-gang, red-tailed, and glossy-black cockatoos for sale are a few species having sexual dimorphism, or visual differences between the sexes. The feather patterns of female and male cockatiels are the same when they are young, but beyond a year of age, the female’s tail and wing feathers will continue to have barring or stippling, while the male’s will be solid colored. Some species merely differ in their eye color (not confirmed scientifically); males of Major Mitchell’s, white cockatoos, and galahs all have dark brown irises whereas females of these species have red tones in their eyes. A sturdy cage made of wrought iron or stainless steel is required for cockatoos in order to withstand their powerful beaks. The cockatoo can exercise by climbing up the cage’s sides thanks to horizontal bar wires.

Cages for smaller cockatiels should measure no less than 24 by 36 by 48 inches and have bars spaced between them of 3/4 inch to 1 inch. A cage of this size should be suitable for cockatoos like the Goffin’s cockatoo, galah cockatoo, and lesser sulfur-crested cockatoo.

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