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The equatorial states of Africa, including Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda, are home to the African grey parrot. Although wide grassland and forest borders are frequently where the species is found, dense woods are its preferred environment.

Pet African greys quickly pick up on words and noises. One African grey even “blew the whistle” on a woman’s love affair by yelling out the name of the other man in front of her husband repeatedly and using the voice of the cheating wife.

African grey parrots are known for repeating everything they hear, much like young infants. So it’s a good idea to use language with caution among these birds. Greys are skilled at mimicking any sound, including squeaky doors, car backup chimes, fire sirens, microwave alert bells, and phone ringtones. Another widespread misconception is that African Greys are solitary birds. Greys do, however, form a variety of various forms of relationships in the wild. Any particular bird could be a partner, parent, sibling, younger sibling, clutch mate, or flock member.

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